Why Chasters Reacted the Way they Did

on Thursday, January 27, 2011
By: Aeon Jelsey

This article isn't about Charice, now that the word “Chasters” became an entity of its own I guess it’s about time to discuss what it stands for. Charice’s nickname is “Cha” and it’s a standard to use “er” to identify the “doer” so “Chasters” was coined to identify the fans of Charice. I hope I made that clear.

Chasters is more than just a fan club, it’s a worldwide community bonded by their unconditional love and support for Charice. The diversity of the members is what makes it so unique. There is no particular age bracket, social status or whatsoever. There is neither majority nor minority which makes it universal. The harmonious relationship between young and old is worth noting. Their enthusiasm to extend help or any assistance to members who are less fortunate re-invigorated my diminishing faith in human kindness and goodwill.

Unfortunately these past few days “Chasters” became the center of criticisms. It started on a social networking site twitter. In defense of their fellow Chaster who was bashed by a certain media personality in the Philippines. The issue escalated and Charice’s name was dragged by friends/followers of the reporter. Then like a wild fire it blew out of proportion. Below is a screenshot of the PI showbiz reporter’s twitter profile before he deleted the controversial tweets and made his profile private.

I will attempt to explain what transpired during those 10 to 20 minutes heated exchange of remarks. It started when a certain Charice fan tweeted her disgust over some PI Showbiz Reporter. At the bottom of the picture you can see the original remark of the fan saying “It’s very irritating that some Filipino Press members are so redundant. It’s making me dumb”. Then Mr. Diaz countered by adding “Why don’t you be the press since you are intelligent” on the original tweet. Rough translation, as it was delivered in a sarcastic Pilipino way. Then he followed it with another remark third from the bottom. “The way you say local press is making you dumb is as if you are somebody. Eh. Why don’t you stuff-in your idol into your lungs”. The last part is obscene so I won’t bother to translate. Then followers/friends of the said reporter joined in by dragging Charice’s name. Fourth tweet from the bottom “Because Charice have some international projects her head swelled.” That’s what her fans are trying to emulate, they think that they are very flattering”. And Mr. Diaz re-tweeted. For twitter users, re-tweeting means agreeing. Then the most famous remark which Mr. Diaz emphasized as the mere reason why Chasters got offended. Coming from a friend/follower of the reporter it goes something like this “ Did anyone ever mention to Charice that she don’t look good with those nerdy glasses? And again Mr. Diaz retweeted. But it did not end there. He dragged the name of Ms. Lea Salonga (Famous Broadway Filipina Actress). “I can only say one thing. The Charisma of Ms. Lea Salonga over the Filipinos is still different. She even speaks fluently in “Tagalog” so much more in English.” Probably Mr. diaz’s way of criticizing Ms. Pempenco’s fluency in English in comparison to Ms. Salonga. The said Filipina icon being as classy as she is, simply said “To say the least, I'm a bit concerned. I don't know what Charice has done to deserve the ire of Ogie Diaz. This is in response to someone who asked her what her reactions regarding the remarks of Diaz against Charice.

Trivia: Filipinos are one of the most critical people when it comes to English grammar and sometimes fluency in it is being used a gauge of an individual’s intelligence which is so perverse, when it’s not even their native tongue after all. But when a Filipino stayed in America and would probably adopt the American accent, speaking in English with a foreign accent would invite criticism that this “fella” has forgotten about his/her roots.

Then some Charice fans began to reprimand Mr. Diaz for his remarks which was read by other fans from around the world and Mr. Diaz “probably” realized that he was about to get caught in a bad light, he deleted his tweets to avoid incriminating himself further then apologized. A wise move on his part I may say. But a certain Mr. Mhartinn was able to save a screenshot of Diaz’s profile prior to deletion (Good anticipation by Mr. Mhartinn). The problem is the fire was already too big to be extinguished by his apologies.

What I have described was just the beginning and part only. Things that I personally witnessed during the time it was happening. On Mr. Diaz part, he was able to defend himself through the radio and television already where he is an employee.


The worst thing Ogie have done is to apologize and attack the next morning by publishing an article with lewd content. On his article on Pinoy Paparazzi site, he mentioned that Charice having too many bodyguards and the security procedures are so tight that as if a bodyguard needs to wipe her genital after peeing.

This remark made Chasters reached their boiling point, how can Mr. Diaz have gone that low? Charice have done nothing but to give pride to our country. OFW around the world joined in the crusade by signing a petition against Ogie NO to @ogiediaz in ABS-CBN!.

Below is a tweet from an OFW ever thankful for gaining respect because of Charice being known as a Filipino. Why would someone drag Charice's image down instead of uplifting it? Charice is redefining the word Filipino and introducing the country Philippines which others haven't heard of.

"New found respect for OFWs (Filipinos) in Japan, Singapore & Hongkong because of Charice." @OfficialCharice-7307


Since everyone is entitled to each own opinion, I would like to share my point of view. The fans of Charice collectively known as Chasters are being labeled as Over-sensitive, Over-protective fans and always over-reacting on issues concerning their idol. The way I see it, it was Mr. Diaz who was not able to take the criticism thrown at some PI Press where he is a member. As a professional journalist he failed by reacting the way he did. As he himself keeps on saying that he’s entitled to his own opinion, I guess the fans also have the right to share theirs.

Why keep on looking for faults in Charice, she’s just a kid living her dreams. Shouldn’t these reporters be the more tolerant of her because she is one of their own, why keep on making small things bigger like that of “snubbing” issue where all of these issues stemmed out. Why fault Charice when she was just following orders or protocols made by her handlers. Unless we all kinda agree that she should bend some rules when she is in the Philippines.

As the issue got bigger the attention of foreign reporters and fans of Charice were drawn, the issue became more complicated. The way I see it now, it’s no longer about Charice and Ogie Diaz, it became about us, Filipinos as a people.


jeking6063 said...
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jeking6063 said...
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Jaguar said...

first...thank you Aeon Jelsey....@jeking6063...I agree with you....rules must be rules to be followed...I wonder why we filipinos are very obedient in following rules of the other country..but when we are in our own country we always violate our own rules....just like what happened here...Charice is just following orders, rules from her handler why it is so hard for some narrow minded filipino to understand that...Like this Mr. Diaz just did...

To Charice thank you very much for uniting us one...God Bless You always...Go Charice conquer the world.....

Gurl said...

We are filipinos, we should unite as one.. Stop Fighting.. Stop being selfish.. Stop Jealousy... Stop the War... Stop pulling fellow pinoys down.. Stop it... STOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!

M said...

My message to Ogie Diaz;

Obscene remark to an innocent 18 year old girl - shame on you

Just because the media keeps leaving out your obscene remark doesn't mean you didn't say it. Despicable to say of any woman especially an innocent girl just 18 years old.

Forget the glasses, so you don't agree with the nerdy glasses in-fashion in the US. It is the "unrepeatable" comment that inflames us. Your poor attempt at apology was 30 seconds of trying to apologize and over 10 minutes of tirade against Chasters.

Charice has worked hard to enhance the image of her beloved Philippines to the World. You are a national embarrassment and the media's "sanitizing" your remarks makes it much worse. (WebScribes, an Irish American)

accent micro said...

Ogie Diaz, I am sure, doesn't represent the whole press people (reporters) so his comment is his opinion only. What he /she couldn't understand is that, the over-zealousnes of her bodyguards is to see to it that she's well(health wise)because she'll be flying to the USA for a performance and as it is she arrived barely one hour before she should go on stage. Ogie, is that hard to understand? and as one says, Shame on you....and before you can say Chasters are "un-educated", i can say I've got an education, so much more than you and put it in good use to uplift not to downgrade anyone.

josenoelducanes said...

ogie diaz your so ugly and stupid, go to hell....

PiEN_admin said...

who owns this site? I wanted to post this article at www.popsicles.ph with proper credit. please email me at popsicles_ppop@ymail.com

jane said...

thanks ..!! for making this article so everyone can understand and know what's really happened ..!! pls.. let @abs-cbn media read this ..

vix1coolbabe said...

hey aeon! you did it, you have written a concise, intelligent and timely article in defense of our beloved charice and our chaster community .. i salute you bro! keep on writing! :D

josie854 said...

Aeon thank you for this article very exactly written,
and very details.
I felt sad and for the chasters and our princess charice that the @ABSCBN did not show on TV the whole situation and they show only about nerdy glasses, they fooled the viewer and defended their employee Ogie Diaz I don`t believe of the TV patrol news any more.

xavier said...

ogie the OGRE diaz said to his article:

"is charice's bodyguards the ones who's gonna wash her P_SSY after she went to the bathroom?"

what kind of journalist is that?

then here comes boy abunda, he said that charice should talk to her U.S. management team and tell them:

boy abunda said:

"we are like this in the philippines, sometimes she has to bend the rules if she's here in the philippines."

that's what corrupt politicians are doing. bend the rules.

i admire charice for being professional.

she stick with the rules and schedule.

she's not like other artist na pasaway/spoiled brat sa manager.

she follows order, that's the type of icon we should look up to.

about those journalist-wannabees who said that she's hard to reach now because they can't even get an interview?

hello, there was a scheduled press conference the following day,

they should have been there if they want a well-organized interview,

not on an ambush interview at 1 o'clock early in the morning where charice was already tired/exhausted by the concert

and will have another concert the very next day.

about the bodyguards being so over-protective?

remember the bus-bombing incident a few days/weeks after charice concert @ 1@11?

now you know why her U.S. management team is so protective to charice.

because even if she's a filipino, we can't hide the fact that the philippines is not a safe place for her to just walk around the streets where a lot of crabs-detractors like ogie diaz is everywhere.

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