If I were Charice

on Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Translated in English by: Lola Elrem
LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 11:  Singer Charice Pempen...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

If I were Charice here are my questions
Where were you when I was an unknown
Am I obligated to give you attention, or
ask you instead to understand my situation

If I were Charice I don’t need to explain
Even if you say -- my roots I have forgotten,
There is nothing good to remember by in my past
If I am swell-headed, I guess I have all the right to be such

If I were Charice, I should ask you this
- to our country what good did you give
Instead of appreciating all the honour I bid
And therefore help me continue my deed

If I were Charice, I will be very hurt
The treatment I receive from you in return
I carry my seal wherever I go
And proudly say to the world – I AM FILIPINO

If I were Charice, I would move to Japan
There they love and respect me, as if I am their own
Compare that to the insult and pain I get
from my own countrymen, oh it hurts truly hurt!

That is – if I were Charice – but Charice is different
Her humility is admirable, commendable, splendid
She doesn’t keep hurts that is why she is blessed

So instead of bashing Charice
we should be proud of our princess
Especially to the Filipino media, who do always say
... “yes it is our duty, the truth we propagate!”

Kung ako si Charice
Aeon Jelsey
charice sings at US Philippine expo @ Pomona, CAImage via Wikipedia

Kung ako si charice heto ang aking mga tanong
Nasaan kayo ng panahong akoy’ isang hamak pa lang?
Bakit ngayon pansinin ko kayo, akin pang obligasyon?
Akin lang namang hiling pang-unawa ninyo’y lawakan

Kung ako si Charice di ko kailangang magpaliwanag
Sabihan man nila na ako ay nakalimot na
Dahil wala akong maisip na ginawa nila para ko tandaan
Magmalaki, nasa akin ang lahat ng karapatan

Kung ako si Charice ako ang manunumbat
Ano na kayang karangalan sa bansa inyong naibigay?
Dapat bang ang sambayanan sa inyo’y magpasalamat
Di kaya mas magandang tulungan nyo pa akong umangat

Kung ako si Charice sobra akong magdaramdam
Dahil kahit saan “Pilipino ako” aking pinangangalandakan
At heto pa ang aking matatanggap na kabayaran
Pilipino tayo, isang bansa, dapat magdamayan

Kung ako si Charice sa Japan na ako maninirahan
Mahal at nirerespeto ako, di man nila ako kababayan
Sa kanila tunay na pagpapahalaga aking nasumpungan
Ang sakit sa loob na ika’y saktan sa sariling bakuran

Iyan ay kung ako si Charice pero kaka-iba siya
Kababaan ng loob niyang taglay ay kahanga-hanga
Di siya mapagtanim ng galit kaya siya pinagpapala
Kaya sana imbes na siraan, ipagmalaki siya ng buong bansa
Lalo na ng mga sinasabing mamamahayag ng katotohanan

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xavier said...

‎4 those who R watching DIS now especially D fans,
please post DIS on your facebook, twitter, any website/forum U usually visit.
In a world of auto-tuned singers, she's 1 of D very few who can sing
better live than on recording. Let's give her D exposure she deserves,
that way we can help her 2 B noticed not only by her existing fans.
Let the rest of the world see DIS amazing performance of her
& welcome a new chaster everyday, thanks


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